Personal Letter From Ewen Chia

"The TRUTH About Making Real Money On The Internet"


From: Ewen Chia

Hi, my name is Ewen and I want to thank you for reading this...


You're probably interested in starting your own internet business and making money from the internet the right and genuine way. You know you need to do that quickly to earn an extra income from home in these troubled times.

However there're so many programs and systems online that often lead you to information overload and confusion.

There're also outright scams from "bad apples" in the industry that had led you to be disappointed. We can't stop them all unfortunately.

Question is - how do you manage?

If you're jaded and lost - I don't blame you. Don't even blame yourself. It's OK to be a beginner because no one becomes an expert overnight.

You should consider yourself a beginner if you're struggling or if you aren't making at least $1,000-$3,000 online every month. It doesn't matter the amount of knowledge you have, it's HOW you use it...

In this letter, I'm going to address that, and I'll show you how to start making real money online.

You may be asking me: why are you doing this?

You see, I know exactly how you feel...

I know how it feels like to be filled with so much hope only to be met with disappointments. I know how it feels like to be desperate because I've been through EXACTLY what you're probably going through right now.

My Personal Internet Business Dreams And Journey...

My own internet business dreams started in 1997 when I was just out of school and in a new job. Like many people, I was not from a rich family and needed money, and the internet seemed to be a 'way out'.

From 1997 to 2002, I got into almost every "get rich quick" opportunity you can think of. Each one seemed to be the answer, the one to make me successful. I was in downline clubs, MLMs and more....

None of them worked.

I didn't make a single dollar for the first 5 years, while spending up to 4 hours every single day from 10pm to 2am just learning and trying everything. I was working in a full-time job then and I can tell you it was both rough and tough.

My life and relationships with people around me were going downhill. Truth is, I had no life. Only sweat and tears from the struggles to make money from the internet. My best "friend" was the computer (it was more like an enemy though).

I got desperate. I had to make a decision in the year 2002, after 5 years of ZERO results.

I gave myself an ultimatum and did "something" that changed everything...

This change made me money finally after so many hard years struggling on my own.

Today, I'm a world-famous internet marketing "guru" and #1 international bestselling author of the print book, "How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too!"

You can also read more about my journey on my blog at and even listen to a music track I wrote! :-)

I've made millions of dollars online since then and made contacts that would never have been possible.

But remember - I started out from scratch and struggled just like everyone else. I've had more failures than successes.

As a friend and fellow human, I want to share with you the most important LESSONS that had led to my own internet success.

Things I learned the hard way during those 5 long years, and how knowing them turned things round. I know they can help you too.

Some people prefer the "bright shiny objects" and the "smokes and mirrors". They're always looking for the magic pills. I hope you're not one of them and that you're a lot smarter.

Making money online is about running a real business, and helping people in the process.

It's about understanding the fundamentals of the business, getting the skills required. I'll talk more about these below...

Here are the 5 biggest secrets I learned about making real money from the internet...

Secret #1 - Take Responsibility For Your Own Success

I mentioned earlier how I did "something" that changed everything...well, that "something" was simple...

I decided to finally become an adult and be responsible for my own success.

This was a HUGE turning point because it completely changed my mindset. Things started to "clicked" when I looked at it through a refreshed, responsible attitude. Prior to this I was blaming everyone and the programs I bought which didn't work.

Truth is, it wasn't the programs, it was ME.

I wasn't serious about taking action and working hard. Heck, I wasn't even serious about really wanting to succeed. I was looking to other people to make me successful but as we know, that just won't happen. Remember, "nothing happens until something happens".

You've got to take responsibility for your own success, do the necessary. Only then will things change.

Secret #2 - Recognize That There Are NO "Magic Pills"

As human beings, we are often looking for the laziest and easiest way out. That's perfectly normal. In reality however, there are no "magic pills" or "bullets", especially in the internet business.

Being guilty of this myself, it drowned me in futile searches for 5 long years. Success came when I realized that I needed to treat the internet business as a real BUSINESS. I started to make real money when I stopped looking for another magic pill. Ironic I know, but it's the truth.

Instead, when I chose to learn the correct internet business and marketing principles, the money started flowing in. I had an internet business and was applying internet marketing.

Secret #3 - Learn The Fundamentals And Basic Skills

This one is crucial - you've got to be equipped with the basic skills and the correct fundamentals of the business in order to run the internet business successfully. The easiest way to do that is to LEARN and APPLY what you learn conscientiously.

Look, some of you reading this will go "but I don't want to learn, I just want money falling into my lap!"

Stop and think about how silly and unrealistic such an attitude is. You can't expect to make money if you don't even want to take the initiative to learn. No one is going to hand you money for nothing. You've to work for it. You've got to learn it so you can depend on yourself in the future.

The internet business is a SKILL you can pick up, only question is - are you willing?

If you aren't and expect others to do it for you, then you'll be waiting and waiting, hoping that money will fall from the sky. This was my attitude before the turning point, and it cost me 5 years of my life!

These days it's so easy and affordable to learn the internet business as long as you want to. Resources are available readily and people are willing to help, but you have to help yourself first. There are NO EXCUSES.

Secret #4 - Start Small And Dream Big!

Before starting any business, you need to PLAN and have a goal. Know how much you want to make, only then will you be able to reach it. As the saying goes, "To Get Started, You Must Have A Destination."

For example, set a goal to make $1,000 in 30 days, and work backwards from there. Always set goals for yourself. This is a very powerful and effective way to motivate yourself.

However you have to be realistic and know your capabilities, set small goals first and celebrate small successes. When you're more experienced, you can set bigger goals. This ONE method will move you forward like it did for me.

Secret #5 - Work Towards Your Goals, One Step At A Time

After teaching and training thousands of students around the world, I discovered that for most people new to the internet business, the most important skill you can have is FOCUS.

Focus on one thing at a time while you're working towards your goal.

Don't jump around, instead stick to your plan at least for 30 days. Because the internet business is new to you, you'll have to manage your time and progress at your own pace. You can't learn to run before you walk.

It's ok to take each step slowly, one at a time. Don't stress yourself, there's no deadline in the internet business.

Instead, have fun and enjoy the process!

A Final BIG Secret...

One important big secret I learned too was to work smarter...

By this I mean you should get help. This is a powerful and proven way to become successful FAST.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel or stumble in the dark. Learn from other successful people, leverage on their experience and knowledge. Get others to help you as much as possible.

That's one of the most important things I ever did that accelerated my own success and it will do the same for you.

I trust these lessons will guide you along.

Moving forward, I've created a complete training program you can continue with called...

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"Beginner Internet Business" is a genuine and hype-free training program which has been tested and proven to get results for many people. I stake my reputation on it.

Obviously it's YOUR call to use it conscientiously...

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Here's what to do next to continue on our journey together...

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I wish you success,

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